Symbolic Tree Commission

LISCARD PRIMARY SCHOOL: Hard Edged Plastic. 1 Metre by 1 Metre squared and 300mm proud of the wall. “A symbolic tree. The roots of the tree being the foundation classes, moving up to the trunk, knowledge is accumulated to form the body, moving to the branches, knowledge is beginning to be selective and preparation for moving occurs. The green shoots are the pupils about to make a leap onto the next level. Green and yellow are the schools colours“.


Angie was engaged with Liscard Primary School to undertake an art commission to be displayed in the newly refurbished school entrance. The brief was to produce a piece of artwork in liaison with various members of the school which represented the journey of development our children take.

She is an energetic person who responds when faced with a challenge and openly embraced collaboration. She is a divergent thinker with a creative approach when problem solving. These skills enabled her to grasp and exploit the constantly developing nature of the project whilst working with both children and adults.

Angie demonstrated her ability to work with a wide range of individuals, ranging from Foundation One pupils to teachers and other representatives from within and outside the school community. All of whom enjoyed participating the tasks Angie provided.

Angie showed a good level of commitment during the process and execution of the project. She has a natural ability to relate to people from all areas of life which in turn enhanced the project being undertaken. It is true to say that enthusiasm and energy are her true strengths. Her commitment is infectious and she is a true people person who enjoys sharing her creative process.

The commission was completed 26 November 2009 and now has pride of place in our reception area which is the first port of call for all visitors to school” – Liscard Primary School

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